10 Easy Snack Ideas Made with Chicken that is Healthy

Introduction –

Are you finding snack options made with chicken? Do you want to try different kinds of snacks? We are here to help you. Apart from our three times of meals breakfast, lunch and dinner we like to have some light kind of food in-between and then we need some snacks. Lots of different snacking options are there all over the world and it is one of the main things we like to eat when we go out as well. Snacks can be made with vegetables, fish and meat and chicken is one of the most famous options. Chicken chop in Johor Bahru is one such snack that is very popular.

What is a snack?

A snack is a small portion of food that we usually it between meals. Snacks are not always for filling your stomach, it is rather for the food cravings in between meals. Also, snacks are served to the guests. Snacks are usually very palatable and made with different kinds of ingredients. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian snacks can be of various kinds.

Why is having chicken snacks a healthier option?

  • Chicken is healthier than any other kind of meat. It has a lot of protein which is great for your health. For building muscles, for the recovery of injured muscles etc., it is an essential thing. chicken is a good source of protein.
  • Chicken is a lean meat and has lesser fat content than many other kinds of meats so doctors usually recommend it to the diabetic and people with high blood pressure as well.
  • If you are going for a protein-rich diet chicken will be a great source of protein for you which is also much cheaper than any other kind of meat.
  • Also, chicken has other nutrients such as calcium, iron, potassium etc. that are essential for health as well.

10 easy snack ideas made with chicken that is healthy-

Chicken can be a healthy ingredient when it comes to snacks. Lots of different kinds of snacks can be made using chicken. Such as-

Chicken chop –

The chicken chop is a very famous Western snack but Asian countries make it their way and use Asian ingredients. Usually, a lot of different spices and sauces are added to the chicken and it is marinated and then fried in the pan or grilled. The chicken chop is usually served with some kind of sauce, especially with black paper sauce. Usually, boneless chicken is used for this recipe. Chicken chop in Johor Bahru is delicious in terms of its flavours.

Crispy Chicken –

Crispy chicken is yet another Asian snack. In this recipe strips of chicken are first marinated with spices and sauces and then deep-fried to a point that it turned crispy. For the crunch usually flour or corn flour is used. Then these fried chicken stripes are coated in a spicy sauce which provides additional flavour to the dish. This dish has a lot of different textures in one bite.

Stir-fried chicken with vegetables –

This stir-fried chicken and vegetables dish is a very healthy snack. Stir fry usually keeps most of the essential nutrients of the ingredients intact which are great for overall health. In this dish, chicken and different vegetables usually carrots, mushrooms, bell papers, and baby corn is stirred and fried with a delicious sauce which provides flavour to them. Stir fry is a very famous cooking technique in which the dish is cooked on a high flame and for a very limited time as well. Stir-fried chicken is thus delicious as well as very healthy.   

Chicken dumplings –

Chicken dumplings are an Asian dish that is famous all over the world for its flavours. This dish is particularly healthy because it is steamed and not fried in oil. However, there are fried dumplings as well. For this recipe chicken along with some vegetables like cabbages and carrots are minced finely and some sauces and spices are added to them it is used as a filling in a wheat-based sheet. And then steamed to a point when it is soft and the filling is cooked completely.

Chicken spring rolls –

Chicken spring rolls are a very famous street food item and are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Spring rolls are spicy and have a lot of flavours. For this recipe small pieces of chicken and shredded cabbage is cooked with a lot of different spices and a flavorful filling is made. Then spring roll sheets are made with flour and water and the chicken mixture is filled in them. This sheet is then tightly folded so that the filling doesn’t come out and deep fried till crispy.

Chicken cutlet –

Chicken cutlet is essentially a Western dish but every continent has different versions of it. Usually, minced chicken with mashed potatoes is cooked with some spices and shaped like a round patty and then it is coated with eggs and bread crumbs and fried till crispy. Different countries put different kinds of spices in chicken cutlets. Also, some kind of a condiment based on the flavours of that particular place is served with the cutlet and it enhances the flavours of the chicken cutlet. Chicken cutlets and other Western food in jb can be found in abundance.

Grilled chicken-

Grilled chicken is possibly one of the most famous chicken snacks which is also very healthy. In this cooking technique, chicken is grilled which is a healthier option than frying. For this recipe usually, chicken drumsticks are used. The drumsticks are then marinated with sauces and spices and grilled. Make sure that the chicken is not dry and that it retains all the moisture inside it. sometimes brushing the marinate in between flipping the chicken will help in keeping it moist as well. grilled chicken has a smoky flavour to it which is very much appetizing.

Butter garlic chicken-

Butter garlic chicken is very much flavorful in which the dominant flavours are as the name suggests butter and garlic. Small pieces of chicken are marinated with spices like salt, paper, paprika etc. and then tossed in a sauce made with butter and freshly chopped garlic. The rich flavours of butter and garlic are infused in the sauce and give the chicken a delicious flavour. This dish is great for serving at a party you can make a full batch of it and serve it to your guests.

Chicken salad-

If you want a healthy snack which is also delicious you can choose a chicken salad for that. This dish is fully customizable, you can boil the chicken pieces and add vegetables according to your choice. Seasonal vegetables will be a great addition. Also, you can make a dressing of your choice and add it to the chicken and vegetables. This salad is a mix of a lot of different flavours and textures.

Chicken Pizza-

Pizza is an Italian dish but all over the world, it is made in addition to local flavours. In terms of topping, there is a wide range of choices chicken is one of them. For the chicken pizza, a dough is made with flour and water and then it is flattened and Italian sauce is added. Topping chicken pieces and other vegetables are used as well and then it is baked until cooked inside a oven.

Conclusion –

Chicken is cheaper than many other kinds of meat and healthier too. Also, a very famous ingredient all over the world for snacks as well.

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