Dubai City Tour – What to Explore?

I accepted the project in Dubai in an instant! As a frequent business traveler, having assignments in other cities adds spice to our travel experiences. And when it comes to Dubai, it’s a total godsend. As soon as I arrived, I decided to start on a complete city trip to experience Dubai’s great attractions. 

Dubai, a one-of-a-kind shopping paradise, captivates every visitor with its sophisticated shopping malls and traditional markets. It is home to the world’s only seven-star hotel. The city’s history, culture, and vibrant lifestyle make for fantastic vacations. 

Interestingly, we had a day off between our two conference days, and we had been looking forward to exploring this beautiful city since we arrived. My first task was to find a low-cost local guide for a day trip. 

The internet has made life easier these days. I also utilized Google to identify the best-rated and most well-known day guides in Dubai. 

After considering the options, I emailed each of them. Happy Tours was the first to respond to my inquiries. 

I was impressed by their chat services, which provided consistent assistance with my concerns and reservation. Their representative met us in the hotel lounge and confirmed the tour reservation. 


My Memorable Full-Day Dubai City Tour First-Day Experience 

My colleagues and I excitedly awaited the arrival of the Happy Tourism crew to begin our Dubai City Tour. We made all of the necessary preparations based on the precise itineraries they gave.

Their promptness is truly impressive. They arrived on time and in a state-of-the-art vehicle. It is an air-conditioned car that will arrive at the hotel entrance at the appointed hour.

Dubai unquestionably rates among the top destinations for business travelers. They commonly visit this municipality for exhibitions, meetings, and conferences.

 The pure white beaches, craggy mountains, old architecture, and calm deserts provide a tranquil refuge.

 With its diverse range of activities, Dubai caters to all leisure aficionados. From heritage museums and theme parks to traditional markets and shopping complexes. The breathtaking sights will never cease to astound you.

In this amazing modern metropolis, your moments of awe will never end.

Experience 2:

We planned a 4-hour tour in Dubai with Happy Tours to see the city in one day.

During our conversations with them, we learned that they could customize the city trip to last 4 or 6 hours. It is great for people with limited time, particularly those on layovers or transits at Dubai Airport.

We chose the Dubai city trip package. But you need to get a tour of the jet ski rental separately if you want something thrilling. Because we had a whole day off, 8 hours in total.

Our Journey Begins

Fortunately, our tour guide was a qualified English-speaking expert. His knowledge of the city’s history and growth, or you can take a dhow tour along the stream. His outstanding awareness of time, routes, and directions also amazed us.

He brought us to all of the spots we had chosen, imparting intriguing insights about Dubai’s heritage sites that even Google couldn’t supply.

A local’s advice is sometimes required to comprehend a location. No amount of Google research can match the insights that a native can provide.

 The finest thing about our happy driver and guide was his continuous dedication to our comfort. Throughout our visit, he kept us entertained with fascinating stories about the city.

 Our colleagues spoke English fluently, but Happy Adventures Tourism LLC may offer guides fluent in other languages for an extra fee.

Experience 3:

Let’s take a look at the places we visited over the first four hours of our Dubai City Tour.

Burj Khalifa (Photo Opportunity): 

Ever since learning about my planned trip to Dubai, I’ve wanted to see this astoundingly tall and magnificent tower in person.

 Arriving at the Burj Khalifa filled me with enthusiasm and a sense of accomplishment.

The City Tour does not include entrance to the Observation Deck. Fortunately, we had purchased our tickets online and paired our visit to the Observation Deck with the City Tour.

 We took many stops in the lift as we ascended the world’s tallest structure to enjoy the city from various vantage points. It was a divine experience.

Looking out from those elevated floors, the entire globe became visible. Words cannot sufficiently explain how I feel. It was as if I was holding the globe in my arms through the glass windows.

The splendor of this dynamic nation was evident from the altitude we reached. The splendor of the city emerged right before our eyes. Where else could I see such a spectacular view? 

We took photos to remember this wonderful spot.

Please keep in mind that reservations for the observatory deck must be made well in advance online.

Burj al Arab and Jumeira Beach:

Our guide then drove us to the lovely Jumeirah, which has been named by various reputable sources as one of the best attractions in Dubai. I could spend a whole day, if not longer, just staring at the azure sea.

 It created in me a tremendous sense of calm and tranquillity. We took shots as we walked down the sandy shore.


My coworkers and I were excitedly awaiting the happy-hours team to begin our Dubai City Tour. We prepared according to the itinerary provided by the team.

Their punctuality is amazing. They were prompt with their pick-up time. Besides a modern air-conditioned car was waiting for me outside the hotel doors at the agreed-upon time.

Without a doubt, the UAE’s golden region is one of the top cities for business visitors to visit. This city is frequently visited by travelers for exhibitions, meetings, and conferences.

The white sand beaches, dramatic mountain scenery, heritage buildings, and serene deserts all contribute to a sense of calm.

Dubai is a lively destination for all leisure enthusiasts. You may get photographs at the heritage museum, theme parks, traditional souks, and shopping malls.

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The Finish Line:

One of my European colleagues admitted that he had never seen such a beautiful beach in any European country. We stopped for a photo opportunity at the world-famous Burj Al Arab Hotel, which is known for its skydiving landings.

We were looking forward to seeing the helicopters land at the hotel. We took some breathtaking photographs of this magnificent hotel before continuing on our adventure.

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