Composite veneers procedure before going for the treatment

Composite resin veneers – What are these?

Are you self conscious about your smile because of your crooked, discoloured or chipped teeth? If the answer is yes then you can understand what composite resin veneers are with greater ease. Composite resin veneers can readily improve the appearance of your crooked, discoloured or chipped teeth in an instant. It is widely used in cosmetic dentistry to correct cases of gapped, stained, poorly shaped and chipped teeth. Composite resin veneers is a chair-side treatment. Cosmetic dentistry is usually very costly. But this particular treatment – unlike other cosmetic dentistry procedures – is easily affordable. The procedure can be easily completed in just one visit.

What advantages do composite veneers offer?

As already mentioned above composite resin procedure is much reasonably priced and hence easily affordable. Composite veneers are a material that comes in the colour of the teeth. It is frequently used for veneers. Although composite resin veneers are not very long-lasting and usual wear out faster than porcelain veneers but these are easier to repair and more cost-effective on the whole.   

Composite veneers do have a much shorter shelf life compared to that of their porcelain counterparts. But composite veneers are definitely a more convenient and pocket-friendly option. Composite veneers require much smaller investments of time and money. It is a great option to fix various dental cosmetic issues. Additionally it also proves effective correcting the size and shape of disproportionately shortened tooth or teeth.

Composite dental veneers are one of the most frequently carried out dental cosmetic procedures carried out at any dentist’s office or dental practice. Interestingly, a composite veneer is nothing but an ultra thin piece of composite resin. A composite veneer is bonded to the front surface of your natural teeth and then sculpted to give it a more natural-looking appearance to match with the other natural teeth in your mouth. It can improve the colour of your teeth, correct their slight misalignment and even enhance the overall shape and appearance of the teeth.  

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In the following sections of the blog post let us explore few tried and tested tips about how to take care of your dental composite veneers to make them last longer.

Never use any harsh abrasive toothpaste

Although composite resin is quite durable but it is not as hard and long-lasting as porcelain. Keeping this in mind you must carefully avoid using any harsh abrasive toothpaste on your composite veneered teeth. Abrasive toothpastes include charcoal toothpaste and smoker formula whitening toothpaste to name a few. You should not even brush the composite veneered teeth with bicarb powder for the same reason. Rough components or particles present in these products are likely to scratch the surface of your composite veneer causing damage. As a result stain catches up faster with your composite veneer and it loses its attractive sheen. When you have composite veneered tooth you should stick to the regular standard toothpaste or dental cream. At the most you can use any everyday whitening toothpaste. But you should consult that with your dentist first.

Stay away from foods and drinks that stain

Certain foods and drinks are known to stain the teeth. These include tea, coffee, red wine and others. These same foods and drinks can also stain your dental composite veneers easily. You should better stay away from those items. It is a good habit to swish the mouth with plain water every time after having any of these foods or drinks. Nicotine stain also builds up fast on composite veneers. Porcelain veneers are therefore a better option for you if you are a habitual smoker. Porcelain veneers do not pick up nicotine stain that easily as their composite counterpart.

Protective gears like mouth guard are important

Composite dental veneers are most appealing but on the flip side those are not as strong and durable as the natural tooth enamel. If you suffer from bruxism (that is grinding of the teeth at night while asleep) then dentists at the Bayswater Dental in London suggest wearing a protective splint every night before going to bed. It protects your composite veneered teeth from getting accidentally chipped. The same is applicable to people who suffer from jaw clenching.

Routine visits to your dentist and dental hygienist are vital to maintain sound oral health. During every such visit your composite dental veneers get polished. The stains are removed as their sheen and glossiness are restored. This adds to the aesthetic appeal of your composite veneered teeth. Your routine dental visits ensure longer life of your composite veneers.   

Average life of composite veneers

The life of composite veneers varies from patient to patient. Actually its life depends on several factors. The most important of those factors include a patient’s home care routine and how seriously a patient attends routine checkups with dentists and dental hygienists. Usually this routine check-up is recommended twice a year. If you are particular about these aftercare routines then your composite resin veneers can easily last anywhere between 5 and 10 years.  

Why patients prefer composite veneers over other alternatives

According to dentists composite veneers are an excellent alternative to porcelain. It can correct a lot of issues related to your smile. The procedure takes a very short time and can easily get over in just one visit to your dentist. Moreover the cost of the treatment is highly reasonable. There are other factors as well that cater to its landslide popularity. Composite dental veneers procedure is minimally invasive. The in-chair procedure gives your teeth the kind of sheen that make you appear much younger.

Who should choose composite veneers over resin veneers?

You should consider composite veneers over porcelain veneers under the following conditions –

  • When you are looking for a sound alternative to porcelain veneer that comes at a reasonable price
  • You want to improve your smile for an upcoming event like a wedding or prom night
  • You want a procedure that gets over in just a single visit to the dentist
  • You are looking for a procedure that retains more tooth structure
  • You prefer a procedure that is less invasive

In addition to the factors mentioned above a dentist with years of experience in handling patients with veneers in London suggests people also prefer veneers because it can be repaired fast and easily when damaged.

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