Enjoy Online Rummy Game with Bigger Cash Rewards

Have you ever participated in the online rummy game? If not, then you are missing on some real fun with enormous amount of winnings at the same time. The card games have some great origins and already have maximum number of users enjoying it already. The game has travelled across the world and eventually made its way to India as well, where it has been into one of the most loved card games online. It also includes the online poker game, which has tremendous amount of love from the users already! 

The online rummy game demands strategy and good cognitive skills and that is why it is known as a skill game. It is often enjoyed by the people during festive season and other family gatherings. Now, the game has found its way through the smartphones where people can conveniently play by sitting at their homes. The daily source of entertainment could be the real cash games which needs to be there! You don’t need to waste your time anymore with such online games, instead make some big amounts with the same. Get rewarded for your knowledge, gaming passion and amazing strategies. Isn’t this amazing? Get started now! 

What are the rules for online rummy game?

If you ever wonder how to play and participate in online rummy game as a beginner, you must go through these rules to carry on with your gaming. The rules for game are relatively simple and is typically played with 2 or 6 players where everyone is dealing with 13 cards. The main objective of the card game is to create sets and sequences with the cards in your hand. 

There is a set, which is a group of three or more cards of the same rank, and as a sequence is a group of three or more cards of the same suit in consecutive order. The game will have its beginning with a player drawing a card from the deck and then discarding one card from their hand. Then, the next player can either pick up the discarded card or draw a card from the deck. 

The game would continue in this manner, where players will do this procedure of drawing and discarding cards until one player has created sets and sequences with all of their cards and the declaration would be done. 

When declaration is done by a player, the cards are shown to the other players and then they have to verify that the sets and sequences should be valid. 

Rummy Variants

Do you know about the different rummy variants? If you have ever been a part of the online rummy game, you must know that which are the different variants of the game. Have a look on them and get to know which are some of the popular rummy variants. 

Deals rummy

This game involves 2-player 1-deal to 6 player 3-deals games. You would get a fixed amount of chips at the beginning of the game. Also, if you win a deal, then the player would get chips based on the score of other players. Also, based on the variation you are playing, if you have the maximum chips at the end of the game, you win! 

Pool Rummy

The goal is to not breach a certain score. Pool 61, pool 101 and pool 201, they are played between 2-6 players and the winner of this game is decided when all the other players except the winner, breach the limit of points mentioned above. 

This is how a pool rummy goes with the players. 

Points Rummy

Points rummy is fast and fun filled with lots of thrill as well. In this type of game, the main objective is to keep your score as low as possible and also declare before your opponent does. 

Choose your own preferred gaming variant, and get started with the same to win the huge cash rewards. It would be easy for you to win when you know how to ace such games with your skills. 

How to play real money rummy?

Real cash rummy is a variation of the game that is played for winnings. The game is played on online gaming platforms that allow players to deposit money and use it to play the rummy game. It is based on the system of buy-ins and numerous players who pay a certain amount of money to enter a game. 

The winner of the game is typically given the portion of the buy-in pool, with the remaining money going to the gaming platform! This is how a real money game works on such platforms when you come to indulge in such card games. 

Here are the steps that you need to follow before entering such games. The real money rummy has different variants which you need to learn about. 

  • Download the Dangal Games app and complete your sign-up procedure by entering your phone number. It can be the effortless process which is done usually in seconds. You can download the app from play store or the official website of the same. 
  • You need to complete the verification process, which means completing the KYC and identification. Get done with this to go on with your preferred gaming variants. 
  • Make your first deposit after you chose the rummy game which you want to play. The users can easily make their deposit by selecting their preferred gaming mode.

Play online rummy game on Dangal Games

The online rummy game has been a popular one and is played on India’s most preferred gaming platform – Dangal Games. It is the ideal destination for any rummy lover to portray their skills and bag their huge winnings with the same. 

Experience the thrill and fun of the online rummy game with some real players on the platform. Download it easily from the official website or directly from Google Play Store. Also, sign-up with your phone number and see how smoothly your gaming journey goes on the app. 

There is the policy of fair play and responsible gaming that the users need to follow for a good game! It also means there is no type of partiality or fraudulent activities done on the same. The tables are constantly monitored to detect any type of fraud or such activity. 

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