Lifeguard course in swimming pools

What does a pool lifeguard do?

A lifeguard course is a worker who is fully trained and has the necessary accreditation to carry out surveillance, prevention and care , in addition. Its main purpose is to guarantee the safety of people in the aquatic environment. Would you like to know much more about the professional profile of the pool lifeguard ? Keep reading the following sections for much more!

What are the tasks of the pool lifeguard?

The men and women who are dedicated to aquatic rescue must carry out various work activities. The main and most relevant being:

Scan aquatic facilities, beaches, rivers or the place where you usually work in search of possible dangers for bathers.
Call attention if you think it is necessary. The most normal thing is that a lifeguard has to scold children for running near the edge of the pool. But there are also adults who show unacceptable behaviors that can be embarrassing to reproach.
Anticipate and prevent possible accidents caused by risky behaviors or conditions that may be regretted.

  • Carry out rescue maneuvers when you have to or see it necessary. So you have to know basic first aid applied to the pool.
  • Ensure compliance with the regulations of the space or facilities. For example, there are swimming pools in which you cannot play ball.
  • Record the annotations of the pH and the chlorination of the water on several occasions each day to guarantee an optimal state of sanitation and disinfection.
  • Swim until reaching the victim and rescue him from the water when he is in a dangerous situation.

What is it like to be a good lifeguard?

You already know what their work activities are. Although you can find out more about it in our post on lifeguard functions. If you want to become this professional, you must know the fundamental characteristics of a lifeguard:

  • Show interest in swimming, since you can see yourself in the position of swimming a long distance in a short time.
  • Have good ability to swim, which is acquired through swimming practice.
  • Have knowledge of lifesaving.
  • Know how to stay calm in emergency situations and act appropriately. A good lifeguard must be able to control stress and work under pressure. In general, your working day will be calm and not problematic, but if there is an emergency you must act resolutely. Directly and without being intimidated.
  • Patience, since this job can take many hours without being really busy.

What is the equipment of a lifeguard in swimming pools?

During his working day, the lifeguard’s equipment is that which allows and helps him to carry out his work more efficiently. Reducing the time it would take to rescue and the risks he may suffer. On the other hand, these materials make it possible to tow the victim out of the water and perform first aid with greater safety.

Among the equipment of a lifeguard we find:

Rescue, rescue and attention material: among which are the rescue can, the lifebuoy, the rescue straps, etc.
Self-protection material: they are used by aquatic lifeguards, but also by land rescuers. They are used to provide first aid and can be gloves, aprons, masks…

What does the physical preparation of a swimming pool lifeguard consist of?

The preparation of these professionals is essential for the safety of people who go to aquatic facilities, beaches, lakes, etc. To obtain this qualification, it is necessary to pass physical tests. To pass without any problems, the people who show up train their endurance, speed and agility.

What is the salary of a lifeguard?

If you decide to take a lifeguard course. You will want to know what is the salary that is received in this sector. It must be taken into account that the payments can be different depending on the company. The place where you work, etc. Likewise, to give you an idea, the lifeguard usually earns approximately 1,100 euros per month.

How many hours can a lifeguard work?

According to the collective agreement relating to this sector. The working day of a lifeguard is 40 hours a week , having a minimum of 12 hours to rest between shifts. In addition to a weekly rest of at least a day and a half.

Lifeguard courses

At American lifeguard events you have a wide variety of online lifeguard courses to choose the training that best suits your needs. Regardless of the lifeguard course you choose. It will be a training action designed so that you can learn the different existing techniques. Both the techniques in aquatic rescue. But also in swimming and in other types of sports teachings of the aquatic environment.

In turn, the lifeguard qualification also specializes in rescuing victims. Immobilization techniques and, of course, in handling rescue and first aid tools. Today, having specialized training is very important to have greater recognition, nationally and internationally.

How to prepare to work as a lifeguard?

An approved entity such as American lifeguard events is authorized to issue accrediting certificates for you to practice as a lifeguard. There is no official title to be a lifeguard .

The requirements are the following:
  • Have reached 16 years of age and have intermediate or advanced knowledge in swimming.
  • Have a first aid course to be able to complement it, later, with the lifeguard course.
  • Accredit the training available, to work in swimming pools, water parks or natural pools.
  • In the case of those people who wish to work as a lifeguard in open water. It is necessary to have specific training to carry out this work on beaches and lakes.
  • At American lifeguard events you have lifesaving courses with online methodology. With which you can train both in the theoretical and practical part. In the event that you agree to establish an internship agreement with our center once you finish the training. You can contact a company to do your lifeguard internship.

This online teaching allows you to achieve better learning results due to the flexibility of schedules. Since you can dedicate the time you need and carry out the training from wherever you want. Completely at your own pace.

How to get the lifeguard course?

Have you ever wondered how to do the lifeguard course? If you have doubts about how the lifeguard course works or if it is difficult to pass. You should know that at American lifeguard events you will be able to take this course without any major complications. Thanks to the material that we provide you and the support of your tutor. You will be able to learn everything you need about first aid.

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