What to Do If You Can’t Get an Eyelash Out Your Eye?

You may find it uncomfortable and frustrating to have an eyelash stuck in your eye. While the sensation may be bothersome, rest assured that it is a relatively common occurrence and usually resolves without any serious complications. However, knowing the appropriate steps to take when faced with this situation can help alleviate discomfort and ensure proper eye care. In this article, we will address frequently asked questions about what to do if you can’t get an eyelash out of your eye. From home remedies to seeking medical assistance, we will provide guidance on how to handle this situation effectively and ensure the well-being of your eyes.

1. Splash Your Eyes

It’s very important to remain calm if you have an eyelash stuck in your eye. You run the risk of scratching your cornea if you rub your eyes when something is stuck in them.

Instead, you should try to flush your eye out. This is a safer and more effective approach than trying to remove it with tweezers. First, wash your hands (and make sure your nails are trimmed!). Then, take a large bowl of clean water and splash it into your eyes. Blink several times to help your natural tears rinse out the object.

If your eyes are too sensitive to splashing water in them, you can also try lowering your head with your eyes open into a large cup of clean water. This method works best if your eyelashes are trapped in the top part of your eyelid. Make sure your fingers aren’t too long, though, or you may accidentally scratch your eye.

2. Rinse Your Eyes

While eyelashes can be irritating, it is important to remember that they usually leave your eye on their own. It is best to not rub the eye or poke it with any objects, as this could scratch the cornea and lead to infection.

If the eyelash is still stuck, you can try flushing it out using water. A bowl of lukewarm water or mineral water may work well for this. Simply cup your hands and splash water in them while holding your eyes open. It is okay to blink when the water touches your eye.

You can also use the tip of your finger to help dislodge the eyelash. Alternatively, you can pin the eyelash between your fingers and pull it gently outward. This method works best if the eyelash is positioned near the top of your eyelid. If this method is unsuccessful, you should contact an ophthalmologist for assistance.

3. Use a Q-Tip

If you have a wet cotton swab handy, you can try to use it to dislodge the eyelash. Be careful to not get any of the cotton swab liquid in your tear ducts. This method is also safer and hygienic than using tweezers.

If a swipe doesn’t work, try gently pinning the eyelash between two fingers. The thumb and pointer finger should rest lightly on your face while you pin the eyelash between them. This works best if the eyelash is trapped near your upper eyelid’s lashes.

It’s important to not rub your eyes or poke at foreign objects in your eye, because this can scratch and irritate the delicate lining of your eye and cause serious complications. Even a small foreign object can cause an infection or severe eye irritation if it stays in your eye for too long. If you can’t find or remove the eyelash, see your ophthalmologist for safe and effective treatment.

4. See Your Ophthalmologist

Getting an eyelash or other object stuck behind your eye can be more than just an annoyance. It can cause pain, pressure, itching or blurred vision and can be a sign of serious conjunctivitis or other health problems. The longer it sits in your eye, the more likely it is to scratch or irritate the delicate lining of the eyelid and cornea, which can lead to a serious infection.

If you can’t get something out of your eye, it is important to see an ophthalmologist right away. Make sure to wash your hands before touching the area around your eyes, as this will help prevent bacteria from transferring into your eye. Often, your doctor can flush out the foreign object using water or saline solution without causing any additional harm. They may also perform a procedure called blepharoplasty to lift the excess skin or fatty tissue that can hide your eyelashes. Your treatment may be carried out in the office or in an outpatient facility, depending on how severe your condition is.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do if an eyelash gets stuck in my eye?

If you find yourself with an eyelash stuck in your eye, a simple and initial step to try is blinking several times or using artificial tears. This can help stimulate the natural flow of tears, potentially dislodging the eyelash and providing relief.

How common is it for an eyelash to get trapped in the eye?

It is not uncommon for eyelashes to become trapped in the eye, but the good news is that it typically resolves on its own with minimal intervention.

Can an eyelash cause damage or irritation if left in the eye?

While an eyelash in the eye can cause discomfort, it typically does not cause serious damage. However, prolonged irritation or rubbing of the eye may lead to additional issues, so it is best to remove the eyelash if possible.

How can I try to remove the eyelash from my eye at home?

You can attempt to remove the eyelash at home by rinsing your eye gently with water, using a clean cotton swab or corner of a clean cloth to gently lift the eyelash, or using sterile saline solution to flush out the eyelash.

What if I can’t remove the eyelash from my eye using home remedies?

If you are unable to remove the eyelash using home remedies, it is advisable to seek medical assistance from an eye care professional. They have the necessary tools and expertise to safely remove the eyelash.

Should I seek medical attention if I can’t get the eyelash out of my eye?

If you are unable to remove the eyelash or if you experience persistent pain, redness, or blurred vision, it is recommended to seek medical attention. A healthcare professional can assess the situation and provide appropriate treatment.

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